Beasts of the Mesozoic: Ceratopsian Series Action Figures

Created by David Silva

Beasts of the Mesozoic: Ceratopsians- a line of scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures with elaborate detail and articulation

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Centrosaurus Package Art Reveal plus Spiclypeus WIP Update!
11 months ago – Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 11:41:12 PM

There's still more new package art to reveal, and here now is the first look at the Centrosaurus art done by the creative duo, Jax Jocson and Carlo Arellano! 

 Jax and Carlo's package art really helped me figure out the final look I wanted for this figure- it was a tough one! Centrosaurus will be added to the campaign page very soon.

Spiclypeus update

I'd mentioned earlier, expect to see the Spiclypeus prototype tonight, so here's a WIP sneak peek! Still another hour or so left on it, but I wanted to show it before everyone went to bed. 

I'll have the full gallery for Spiclypeus as well as the page listing up tomorrow.

Have a good night!


Spiclypeus Package Art by Shannon Beaumont!
11 months ago – Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 07:07:24 PM

I'm currently finishing up the paintwork for the Spiclypeus prototype figrue, but for now I wanted to share it's wonderful new package art  by Shannon Beaumont!

This also gives a preview of what's to come for the figure.

There will be plenty of updates in the campaign days that remain- hope you all are ready. :)

Expect to see the Spiclypeus prototype tonight!


Kosmoceratops Figure Reveal!
11 months ago – Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 11:50:47 PM

Here is a look at the stretch goal #11, Kosmoceratops richardsoni! Kosmo was painted by Matt Holt and myself (and contrary to popular belief, was actually not inspired by Darth Maul.)

Kosmoceratops is unlocked and available to add to your pledge for $47 (US), $50 (Int.) or you can select the pledge tier option for $45 plus shipping ($10 US or $15 Int.)

For the gallery, click here.

We're closing in on that $200K mark and that Protoceratops- keep spreading the word!

Spiclypeus tomorrow. Talk to you soon!


'The Big Unlock' Is a GO! 5 New Ceratopsians Now Available!
11 months ago – Fri, Oct 11, 2019 at 11:50:33 PM

As many of you know, yesterday we unlocked FIVE new Ceratopsian figures! Now available to pledge for reward tiers or to add to your existing pledge are: 

Pricing is the same for all five figures

Pledge Tier- $45 plus shipping ($10 US or $15 Int.)

Add on: $47 (US), $50 (Int.)

And there's also a bundle set available now as well

Stretch Goal Bundle #1- $130

 This set includes one each of Chasmosaurus, Diabloceratops, and Nasutoceratops.

That's all for now- Kosmoceratops pics will be added later today.

Thanks everyone!


11 months ago – Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 10:14:30 PM

What is the 'The Big Unlock'?

As we continue to approach the end of the campaign, I have received the question many times now, and for good reason, 'what happens to the figures that don't get funded?'. Honestly, I won't be able to come up with a plan until this Kickstarter concludes and I can assess what we've accomplished. I will say though that anything that isn't funded is certainly not cancelled, just put on hold until the funds can be raised another way. There are many options that I can explore for this, but we still have time left on the campaign and I plan to do my part to get the most out of it. 

As we approach that third stretch goal, Nasutoceratops,  I see a lot of you really helping with this campaign and it got me thinking about what I could do to help out more. Those of you who've been active here in the comments and on social media about this project have motivated me to come up with a way to think past my initial strategy, and... yes I can still do more.

More figure options are needed

It was mentioned recently by backer Sirithiliel that those waiting until the end will return and see that there aren't many new options available to back, and I it gave me an idea- we need more options. I've been going back and forth between this project and the Raptor Series trying to understand the differences and why those stretch goals were opened up so smoothly, so here's what I discovered. The raptors were around $30-$35 each which means you could get more items for your money and it was much easier to collect the entire series (as S. Larama has pointed out to me- thank you). Plus the goals were only $10K apart and what helps reach more goals than having more figure options? It was a snowball effect in that it wasn't that much more for backers to add the next one and then that in-turn would open the next one and so on. But with the Ceratopsians, we have a bigger challenge because these are larger species and even at the smaller scale they end up being more massive figures than the raptors which inevitably means higher price points. So here is my solution-

Once the Nasutoceratops is unlocked at $185,000, all of the remaining 'Body 2' ceratopsian figures will also be unlocked and available to pledge. Yes, five figures will be unlocked at $185,000!

the remaining 'Body 2' ceratopsian figures

This includes: Nasutoceratops, Einiosaurus, Avaceratops, Kosmoceratops, and Spiclypeus. This stretch goal, which as of this writing, is only about $5K away.

How is this possible?

For tooling, these 'body 2 types' all only need new head parts now that Monoclonius and Chasmosaurus are funded, and the order potential of each should more than enough to cover the production expenses. 

All 'Body 2' sculpted parts totaling eight figures

These figures were originally meant to be buffer incentives to help us get to the more expensive stretch goals such as the larger Body 3, Body 4, and Body 5 types (see Update #12 for more on the body parts and types) making those goals less daunting to reach. But it appears this was not the correct strategy. I see now that the smaller figures all need to come first, thus giving us more affordable options to build toward the larger, more expensive figures. 

Is this a risk on my part?  Yes, but only a minor one. If I unlock these and it doesn't boost the campaign in a meaningful way, it may put me at a loss, however in that case I do have my Raptor Series sales to absorb that, so in that way, the success of the previous campaign is making this move possible. 

Thanks for the help my Raptor friend! (please don't eat me.)

So how does it all work now?

The arrangement remains the same- Waves are still set as they were, the only difference now is that we are essentially skipping the process to unlock the Body 2 ceratopsians by changing their unlock goals to $185,000. This change will only effect Wave 2. The Goals for the remaining stretch goals must still stay the same however due to the costs involved. 

Updated stretch goals for Wave 2

Why not unlock body 3 as well since sub-adult Triceratops and Styracosaurus are already funded? These larger figures will cost more for tooling the new head parts and overall production will be more costly, so they  still need to be unlocked at the previously specified goals. The only adjustment I could make would be to move them ahead of Protoceratops and Psittacosaurus, but I want those to remain in Wave 1.

So to wrap this up, everything is basically as it was, except when we reach $185,000, we'll be unlocking 5 new figures, which means we get five new figure pledge tiers plus a bonus bundle tier for Chasmosaurus, Diabloceratops, and Nasutoceratops. This should make it much easier to reach Protoceratops, then Psittacosaurus (which will create three new tiers- one being a 2 figure set bundle), then on to Medusaceratops, which will then allow for a Wave 1 'All-In' tier. I'm hoping this will give us momentum going into wave 2 to reach Regaliceratops and Wendiceratops and with each unlock, the chances of the next one being unlocked will increase. (Please not that if this goal is reached during the day today, I'll be at my day job at NECA so it may take me a few hours to update the campaign page, however I will get to it as soon as I can.)

I want to see all of these unlocked more than anyone. These are my passion and I will do all that I can with in reason to bring them to you all. This is really the best solution I can offer to help us reach more stretch goals in the time we have left. Will it work? I am hopeful. :)

 P.S. Kosmoceratops update 

New Kosmoceratops pics soon!

Due to this big news today, I'll be holding off on the Kosmoceratops gallery until tomorrow, with Spiclypeus soon to follow. 

Thank you all so much for your support and participation thus far. 

Now it's time to bring these dinos home!